8 October 2003

Never mind. I just can't seem to stay out of the code. :-)

3 October 2003

Blaharg... etc. I really don't have time for this project. This is sad. If anyone feels motivated to “take over”, please let me know.

29 July 2003

Last night I made a primitive config file parser. It should be sufficient for simple configuration needs. I'm going to attach it to some of the values in the window manager, fix a few more bugs, improve stability, and then release 0.3. The “next” version after that, 0.4, will hopefully be themeable.

29 May 2003

More decisions. Lua is on hold. I might use it for some kind of scripting later on. There are some interesting draft specifications on that I'm going to look into.

6 April 2003

I have decided to try Lua for config files. This will also allow for easy custom scripting of user events, etc.

24 March 2003

I've been “busy” doing other stuff lately. Now I'm working on a config file system for the window manager. It takes a while though, because I want it to be perfect from the beginning.

25 February 2003

I added the changelog to this website.

22 February 2003

Ok, here we go. Version 0.2.1 is available on the download page.

22 February 2003

I've made a complete redesign of these pages. I think these look a lot better than the old ones. I have yet to figure out where to put the logo, and what to put in the boxes... but I'll get there.

Also, I seem to have found and fixed a bunch of rather freaky bugs. Perhaps it would be a good idea to release 0.2.1. (In case anyone else actually wants to use this piece of monkey stuff.)

20 February 2003

I've released 0.2, it should be available from the files section on the sourceforge project page. This version is very much more useable than 0.1. If you decide to try it and find any bugs, please report them on the project page. Take a look at README for a few warnings.

17 February 2003

I added a newer screenshot to the screenshot section. Version 0.2 is coming very soon.

26 January 2003

I wasn't lying, apparently. I've released 0.1, it should be available from the files section on the sourceforge project page. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! This is still very experimental and really not useful for most people.

If you find some obscure bug, please report it. If you find some obvious bug, I already know about it so don't bother reporting it.

22 January 2003

Yes! Making wonderful progress. 0.1 will be ready in a few days.

21 December 2002

Sigh! Allright, no 0.1 just yet. But when I release it (in January), it will be a lot more useful than it would be if released now.

11 December 2002

Now, this is nice. Version 0.1 might just be about ready. It sucks big time, of course, but that's pretty much what I expected. I killed many of the really freaky bugs but I'm still pretty far from a useful release.

Anyway, 0.1 might at least interest someone so I'll finish it up as soon as I become less tired than I am right now.

04 December 2002

Currently constructing the event handler for the new window manager. Also improving this page. Further modifications will follow.